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Free Download BulletZorZ Arcade Games PC
A game created by Arvi Teikari
(C) Reactor Products 2008, whatever that helps


There’s nothing much to be said about this game. It was created as a challenge for what kind of game I can create in less than a week, and I think I managed to create something quite good. The graphics style was decided to be like that from the very beginning. Some may think I ripped the style from Crayon Physics (Petri Purho), but I think that’s quite nonsense.


Your objective to collect every red diamond in a level to pass it. You can see how many diamonds there’s left from the top-right corner of the game screen.

Left & Right arrows: Move around
Up & Down arrows: Aim
Shift: Jump
Ctrl: Shoot a bullet to the direction you aim to
Enter: Choose options & Restart a level
Esc: Quit the game

The idea of the game is to use the bullets you and your enemies shoot as your advantage. You can walk on the bullets, though if you hit the tip of the bullet, you will die. the character moves faster than the bullets, so it’s possible to jump on them even if you’re behind them. You can also get higher and higher by shooting bullets continuously and jumping on them.

In the level selection screen, you can choose the difficulty by clicking on your choice. On hard mode your bullets are limited.


BulletZorZ Arcade Games

You can download this game at:
The game was created by Arvi Teikari
Music – Exotica Revisited by Jeff Chenault & Andrew Izold
Sound effects:
Bubble pop by Hell’s Sound Guy
Mouth Pop by HerbertBoland
kavely & hypahdys by Nawby
Cannon sound by inferno


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